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8th Grade Director Lunch


HolidayLunch1Before our winter break, our Director Maria Kindell surprised the 8th Grade class with a special Holiday lunch. Our administration cannot believe what wonderful students and individuals our 8th Graders have grown into. Most of our 8th Grade students have been with Director Maria Kindell and Principal Lozano since 2nd and 3rd Grade. Prior to the Metropolitan International School of Miami, Maria Kindell owned and operated International Christian School of Key Biscayne and also Brickell. We are confident in our students abilities to continue their success into High School. During the Holiday lunch each student talked about their goals for the future and as a whole discussed the importance of their values and aspirations. We are so impressed with their hard work and balanced view of the world today.


It will be bittersweet at the end of this year watching our 8th Grade class move on to high school. They have many tasks ahead of them for the remainder of the year. They will be designing our school yearbook, during drama class they are designing masks inspired by ancient Greece and they will be performing in Sicily, Italy during the 2nd annual Italian immersion trip. We have an exciting spring semester ahead of us!