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Metropolitan International School of Miami Elementary


The Metropolitan International School of Miami is the first private elementary school in Miami’s vibrant Wynwood art district.  The elementary school academic program concentrates on meeting the needs of individual students in a structured yet supportive environment that is designed to achieve success within a challenging academic curriculum. A faculty that is dedicated to a warm and caring atmosphere will effectively monitor the individual social, academic and physical growth of each child stressing the development of universal values and critical thinking within a program of active learning. Presented from a world view, the program will stress those elements that are important to an understanding of place, both in time and in location, and the child will be able to express his or her understanding of these concepts.


Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the vital skills of human communication, and here we stress these every day.  The sense of place and the wonders of our planet are introduced throughout the readings and through the world skills that will be periodically introduced. Students in kindergarten through 5th grade use the Accelerated Reader program. Highly popular and successful for over 25 years, Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. Accelerated Reader monitors the progress of each student’s reading level, suggests titles of books at that level, and then assesses the student’s reading comprehension.


A modern approach to mathematics instruction will allow children to grow within a structured and supported academic environment. Mathematical concepts are introduced early and emphasized daily employing a spiral strategy. Technology is employed to enhance instruction and to augment understanding.


The science curriculum emphasizes hands-on skills using an enquiry approach. Elementary scientific concepts are introduced through readings as well as projects that the children will find interesting and exciting.


Computers, smart boards, class iPad sets and other modern technological innovations are employed to enhance the learning process.


One of the unique programs offered will be the study of two additional languages –Italian and Spanish. Believing that language can be most effectively taught during the early years and understanding that a world curriculum demands multilingualism, the Met School has developed a proven system for providing children with this very valuable opportunity. Only here will your child experience and profit from this outstanding program.


Believing that the arts are another way of expressing ourselves, The Met School has created a curriculum in which the child will be formerly exposed to fine arts, music, dance and dramatics. Opportunities for self-expression will abound in all of these areas for both group and individual talents and demonstrations including shows and performances.


Convinced that a healthy mind is most apt to grow in a healthy body our physical education program provides group activities that not only nurture the body but are effective in teaching good sportsmanship, proper interpersonal behavior and a sense of personal well-being. Students will be taught the terminology, safety, concepts, movement patterns and performance cues that apply to games and sports. The increased self-confidence, self-sufficiency and individual initiative that are developed will help to create a lifelong interest in physical activity. Tennis, soccer, fitness, Gymnastics, yoga and health will round out the activities.


Effective living demands that we learn to live with others, to help one another and to accept responsibility. These values, and others, inform our values and character education program. An emphasis on various themes is introduced within the curriculum and more directly through periodic school-wide themes that involve all academic areas and the arts. Children learn to express their views and their understanding so as to help others understand them and themselves.