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Metropolitan International School of Miami PreKindergarten 2

Preschool Programs

The most exciting times in our lives really occur when we are very young, and they are perhaps the times when learning is most important. It is the time when we learn to speak, to relate to others and to begin to take joy in becoming involved in the world around us. Here at the Metropolitan International Preschool we remember those magical days and have emphasized them in our instructional program focused on early childhood education.


Boy with paintsPreschool Level 2: Our two year old children receive age appropriate challenges within a framework of warmth and support. In our PK2 classes we focus on the needs of each child through individual and small group play and work.  We offer both full and half day programs for Preschool 2.

Taking advantage of the natural curiosity of the very young, we have developed a preschool program that allows the child to discover those skills and talents that are most natural at this age. Subtle, directed learning emphasizes academic skills but also concentrated on the interpersonal skills that will be necessary throughout the child’s future school career.


Smilling cheerful girlPreschool Level 3:  The three year old child is where the beginning structure of learning begins.  PK3 at the Metropolitan International School of Miami Preschool begins to attack real learning challenges through our full day program. Language development is still the main focus, but we also introduce pre-math concepts, music, science concepts, technological skills including the use of the computer, and physical education.

Fine and gross motor skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum, and the child’s natural love of art is also encouraged through hands-on experiences.  Physical education introduces the idea of fair play while helping in the child’s physical development.  We offer a very low student/teacher ratio.  In our Preschool 3 our curriculum is introduced by teachers that are specialists in their fields and that have proven skills in the development of the young child.


Portrait Of Smiling 4 Year Old GirlPreschool Level 4:  In our Junior Kindergarten we begin to more formally structure the academic curriculum and instruction begins to resemble a more formal school atmosphere. The MET preschool emphasizes a rigorous core curriculum that is in accord with Florida State requirements, but also prepares the child for the challenging international curriculum that he or she will encounter later in life.

The full day preschool program emphasizes language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies; there is an emphasis on development of interpersonal values, and an awareness of the world around us.  Fine and gross motor skill development is also emphasized, and there will be opportunities for the child to be involved in physical education, art, music, and a continuing concentration on technological literacy.