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Maria Padovan Kindell- Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

My father, a survivor of the Second World War, would always say to me “Material possessions come and go; true wealth is measured by your knowledge, education, and values”.  These words of wisdom have been my beacon, guiding me throughout my life and sowing the seeds of my dream to own and operate an International School.

After the Second World War, my family and I left a battered Bergamo, Italy for Montevideo, Uruguay.  Then in 1985 I migrated my family from Uruguay to the United States.  In both instances I arrived not being familiar with the language or culture.  A swift adaptation was essential to surviving and thriving in these new environments.  My father’s words resonated in me time and time again, while these experiences enabled me to gain knowledge of varying cultures, an education in multiple languages, and an understanding of global values that transcends my personal beliefs.

I began my educational career as a Biology teacher in the mid 70′s in Uruguay.  Once here, in the United States, I founded a language school, Padovan Language Institute, and developed a language program for the medical students of the AHEC organization.  I later continued my career in education with a 15 year chapter as a founder and executive director of three internationally accredited schools in Miami-Dade, FL (Key Biscayne, Brickell, and Coral Gables).  My dream, however, was to establish an International School in a building personally owned and operated, which would allow the school and its students to grow with their changing needs and advancements in technology.   The Metropolitan International School of Miami is the fruition of that dream, the golden brooch on my lapel.

The school will provide a globally-focused education for Pre-kindergarten – Grade 8 with a strong language program offering Spanish and Italian daily, fine arts, and physical education. Natural locally sourced meals will ensure alignment with the schools motto of “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” – “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.  The Metropolitan School will be an exciting and nurturing place for children, full of attainable challenges designed to help them grow into themselves.  Children will be encouraged to understand and accept the individual qualities of their classmates, as well as the beauty of language, in a stimulating learning environment.

There is no greater satisfaction for me than to see a classroom filled with students being empowered by the true wealth of knowledge, education, and values.  Your children are invited to be part of the magic!


Maria Padovan

Executive Director