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Famiglia Ursino

Marasa + METKitchen

The METKitchen prides itself on providing the best quality and flavorful lunches for our students, which is why obtaining the highest quality ingredients available is of top concern. We are excited to announce that we have a new tomato and olive oil supplier, Marasà. Marasà is an Italian family business owned by Massimo and Tania. They are parents of Mattia who is a student at the MET School! We are so excited to have these exquisite products to incorporate into our daily lunches providing our children with an unparalled lunch experience.

To learn more about Marasà products, please visit their website:

Italian Olive Oil_4

Marasa olive oil is 100% organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olives, harvested in September through October, are cold pressed within 8 hours of hand picking. The urgency of the processing promises the best quality and freshest tasting EVOO possible.

Italian Tomatoes_1

Marasa’s flavorful peeled tomatoes from the most highly selected crops in peak season. Checked one by one, tomatoes are then peeled and sliced by hand, to obtain a product of upmost quality and freshness.

Italian Olive Oil_2

Marasà’s products were born from the love for the land, for the fruits of the earth and the great pleasure to savor them.

Italian Tomatoes_2

Marasa whole peeled tomatoes and basil are hand peeled and selected with the greatest care, while in the peak of season. The METKitchen will be using these tomatoes in soups, “Friday Pizza”, and our pasta sauces and dishes. We are sure your children will mention how delicious these tomatoes compliment our lunch program.