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Metropolitan International School of Miami Kitchen 2

METKitchen Lunch Program

Fork and Knife March 9At the Metropolitan International School of Miami, we are committed to nourishing students with freshly-prepared, organic, whole food lunches that provide our students with the energy they need to thrive throughout the day. We believe providing well balanced, real food, locally sourced when possible lunches and snacks is the foundation for a strong mind. This is the cornerstone for our motto “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”.

We are excited this year to begin our new hands on program – Garden 2 Table with MET Kitchen! Students will have weekly gardening curriculum with hands on experience working in our very own garden. Ten years ago, we pioneered the organic lunch program movement in Miami. Not only will we be providing the best quality, organic ingredients, our program will also include an educational component.  We feel educating our students on how to read labels, learning where their food comes from, how their choices impact the environment, how to grow food, what vegetables can be grown in what seasons in Florida, and how to prepare meals has tremendous value. We are confident our METKitchen lunch program will have a positive impact on our students by educating them on the importance of properly nourishing their mind and body.

Dietary Preferences

As part of our overall wellness goals, we customize lunches for students with dietary restrictions. We can provide gluten free, lactose free, and red-meat free lunch options. With food allergies on the rise we understand the importance of providing MET parents with lunch options that fit every students needs.

If you have questions about our program, please email