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Metropolitan International School of Miami Middle School Studying 2


It is the goal of the Metropolitan International School of Miami to prepare children for entrance into our community’s superior private and public schools. Our curriculum is rigorous and will challenge all our children. It concentrates on focused individual attention and will provide each child with the stimulation, instruction and support that will prepare him or her to move on to excellent secondary schools.

The middle years are the times in a child’s life when we begin to notice that they are no longer what we have come to think of as children, and here at the Metropolitan International School of Miami we recognize those changes that are occurring in the child and have designed our curriculum to address those changes.  While our entire school is motivated by an interest in and sensitivity to the world around us, it is during these years when the child really begins to focus on the world outside his or her close family environment.  Children typically become much more interested in school, in their companions, in building friendships with peers, and in becoming more aware of their place in the greater community and the world.

While our basic focus remains to prepare the child to understand and master our academic core curriculum, we have related their studies to the larger world of ideas through our overarching themes, themes which are linked to our global goals. Major school themes have been established to serve as demonstration models, and from those models will come the real world problems and exercises that will stimulate real life learning and experience. Children will be able to relate their classwork to what they have observed in the real world around them, lending real meaning to their daily academic work and experiences.

The MET School realizes that we live in a time of great social and environmental change.  The child of today must be prepared to live in the world of tomorrow, a world that will demand superior technological and academic understanding.  To succeed in the future, technological expertise will be a required skill. We have our children acquire that skill at an early age.  We stress the STEM curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As part of the Core Curriculum, STEM prepares students for the world as it is becoming and is a sound preparation for the future.  By the time the MET School child has completed middle school we expect that he or she will be clearly superior in their sophistication and will clearly be able to compete for entrance into the highest level secondary schools. Additionally, we include coding and entrepreneurship into our curriculum. We believe the MET child will graduate to a secondary school and be flexible and prepared to master all further additional studies.

Language arts will stress the essential skills of reading, both written and oral expression, listening and appreciation of the various means of communication that abound in our environment. Our students become skilled in these various attributes, and also develop the ability to judge excellence as well as mediocrity. They become able to look at the things they read and hear more critically, because they have become familiar with various genre and literary techniques.

Today we are surrounded by media – audio, music, theatre and many other forms of visual, oral and artistic expression. This is what provides us with much of the man-made beauty that we live with on a daily basis. The ideas of appreciation and understanding are taught here amid an atmosphere of participation. Every child will be non-judgemenatally challenged to do his or her best artistic work, whether it be one or two dimensional art, dance, choral or instrumental music or performance. Our children will come to understand that art is a unique way for the artist to view and understand the world, and that every individual can do this in his or her own unique way.

Finally, our parents can be assured that the highest value will be placed on every child and every child will be challenged, supported and will grow to his or her utmost potential.