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Something New Is Cooking At METKitchen!


Here at the Metropolitan International School of Miami our motto is “Mens Sana en Corpre Sano”. A key component for our motto which translates to “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” is a whole food, unprocessed, organic nutrition program. For the 2015-2016 school year we have launched a new school lunch program called METKitchen keeping in line with our holistic philosophy. We are providing 100% organic, whole-food, locally sourced when possible lunch meals. All fish is sustainable, vegetables are local and organic when in season, grass fed meats, and meals are balanced to make sure MET children have the energy they need to thrive throughout the day.

It had been with great intention and effort that we have developed an organic school lunch program so children can maximize their health, growth and learning abilities.
Not only will we be focusing on a balanced lunch program we will also include an educational component to METKitchen. METKitchen incorporates the core principals of health, values, and balance striving to create a stronger more conscience approach to sustainable life. Students will be learning how to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, learning where their food comes from, how to read food labels, experiencing a wide variety of new tastes, smells, and textures to encourage adventurous eating. We are offering after school cooking classes for those students who would like to expand their knowledge of cooking. And we will learn about how food choices affect our health and environment.

We are also in the process of creating our very own MET edible garden with Ms. Defne leading the charge. Our garden will be 100% organic, and we will be using our fruits and veggies in our METKitchen lunches. Classes already sowed their organic seeds and we will be transferring our seedlings to the garden in two weeks. We have built 5 garden beds, and we will have professional assistance (Ready to Grow – Dylan Terry) and a workshop with all MET students on November 2nd. We will have organic herbs such as oregano, parsley, dill and mint, and vegetables such as everglade tomatoes, spinach, carrots, turnips and a variety of organic fruits. In the same garden we will have native plants as well. We will also emphasize the importance of composting to reduce trash and help the environment. For this project, we have been awarded a $250 grant from Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Fairchild Challenge Program! We are also participating in the Fairchild Challenge this year. Furthermore, the Slow Food Organization will lend us a hand in the upcoming days. We are so excited to start growing our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs and be able to incorporate these into our lunch program. Our goal is to create a farm to table experience for our students.

Since we are an international school, we have families from across the globe attending our school. We are asking MET families to submit their favorite family recipes to our kitchen with a photo of your family. We are going to be incorporating MET families favorite recipes into our menu in hopes to educate our students about all the different food cultures across the globe. If you have a recipe to submit to our kitchen, please email