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In 2014 – 2015 the Metropolitan International School of Miami will undergo the adoption of leadership education. An overarching theme of leadership education will be implemented throughout the school’s culture. This theme will be reinforced by implementing aspects of leadership habits. The tools from these principles that will be used include:

  • Force Field Analysis
  • Lotus Diagrams
  • Fishbone Diagrams

Various other principles will be implemented including the habits themselves. Our management team’s background in education, engineering, and business will help us deploy a truly innovative teaching and learning environment. We will be completely integrated and compliant by the time the elementary school is opened in the fall of 2014-2015. The leadership criteria articulated above concentrates on the most significant elements for literacy in kindergarten through fifth grade and lay out their implications for aligning materials with the state educational standards. The leadership habits and language standards guide teachers, curriculum developers, and parents to be purposeful and strategic in fostering an international leadership culture for students. Metropolitan International School alumni will be equipped with unique habits that are crucial for fostering the future leaders of our diverse nation.

Mrs. McMillion is currently a Curriculum Director the Preston County Schools in West Virginia, USA. Her educational experience and resume is extensive and dates back to 1980. Mrs. McMillion holds a BA in Business Education Comprehensive with Business Math Certification and a Masters in Vocational Technical and Adult Education from Marshall University, West Virginia. She also has a certification in Superintendency, Principalship, and Leadership.