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International Preschool

Metropolitan International School of Miami

What makes us unique?

The Metropolitan International School is located in the vibrant Wynwood art district. The MET School is designed to meet the needs of the future leaders of our diverse community. We are offering a world based curriculum to children PK-2 through Grade 8:  focusing on leadership, artistic development, and fluency in English, Italian, and Spanish. Physical Education and locally sourced organic lunches are part of the daily routine and support the mantra for Healthy Mind and Healthy Body.


At the Metropolitan International School of Miami our mission is to provide a premier education where students are motivated to become critical and compassionate thinkers. Leadership is the backbone of our school and nourishes the beautiful international culture that embodies South Florida. We believe nourishing the body through physical activity and organic lunches produces strong inquisitive minds. Each student will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe, supportive, loving environment preparing them for higher education, satisfying careers, and model citizenship.


The Metropolitan International School of Miami strives to provide a nurturing environment that will empower students to be lifelong learners, responsible world citizens, and creative problem solvers. By fostering an international educational culture we will provoke understanding of the diverse world around us.