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Welcome To MET Town!

Last week, our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers put together an amazing hands on experience for our students called MET Town .  This was a immersive and interactive experience for preschool and kindergarten to conclude the study unit about Community Workers. During the entire morning our students pretended to shop for groceries, put down a fire, eat in an Italian restaurant, send a letter to Santa, buy delicious ice cream in the ice cream shop, enjoy some yummy baked goods at the bakery, assist an injured friend at the hospital, do fingerprints at the police station and play with pets at the pet store.

Throughout this unit children learned about jobs in their town and about workers that help them every day. They found out why people have jobs, and how jobs impact their lives, families, and communities. They recognized the relationship between work and money, and were able to label goods and services.

We believe that dramatic play is an important part of learning for children of this age group. Children accept different roles and they act them out. It is an activity that let them cross the line of reality, and pretend to be someone different from themselves. This type of play is an integral part of the developmental learning process. Dramatic play enhances child development in four areas:

Language: Children learn to use language to explain their friends what they are doing. They learn to ask and answer questions and their vocabulary grows as they begin to use words appropriately to fit the role that they are playing.

Cognitive: When children are playing in these types of games they use math skills, literacy skills, they also learn how to share ideas, and solve problems together and they recreate past experiences, which is a form of abstract thinking.

Physical: children develop both gross and fine motor skills when pretending they are fire fighters or police officers running after the bad guys, for example. They also practice eye-hand coordination and visual discrimination every time they clean up the station to move to a new one.

Social Emotional: children learn to cooperate, negotiate, to solve problems and cope with different experiences that can appear when they are playing with other children. They also learn to control their impulses, share and have empathy for others around them.

Today was an amazing day for our students, while they were playing with their friends and teachers they, discovered, created, improvised and imagined about the world and the people around them! Thank you to our teachers for putting together such an amazing event.